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Once a Plum a Time - 300gr

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Once upon a time, there was a candle eager to get away from Summer. 
A plum, who was passing by, grabbed her attention with her sweet perfume reminiscent of summer days. « What are you doing around here my dear? » asked the candle. The plum, with her bag full of spices and jasmin, answered: « I bumped into Bigarade, bitter as always, who told me winter is fast approaching. But I’ve been sunbathing for months! I need to get ready at once! » replied the agitated Plum. « Bigarade? » asked the candle. « What a coincidence! I invited her over for tea. We’re trying a new flavour with hints of caramel and vanilla. Come join us! We can discuss the winter preparations together. »
And that’s how, once a plum a time, this unusual group ended up chatting the autumn nights away trying to get ready for winter.


Plum, Jasmin, Bigarade, White Musk, Cedar, Vanilla


Given our glass is hand-blown, all dimensions are approximate. H: 11cm W: 9cm L: 9cm

Burning time

approx. 48 hours


May cause an allergic reaction. Contains Cinnamal and Limonene.


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