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Fall-elujah - 300gr

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As Shakespeare used to say or maybe was it granny? « Only life itself is worth loving more than figues ».
Its sweet and wooded notes are the perfect addition to the autumn air. We have paired the figue with a few touches of grapefruit, some white musk and cedar, and a small addition of pepper to create a layered scent which will embrace evenings spent cuddling up at home and will make us (almost) forget about days getting shorter (let’s not kid ourselves, pitch darkness at 4.30pm is a trauma no candle will ever be able to address).


Fig, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, Musk, Cedar


Given our glass is hand-blown, all dimensions are approximate. H: 11cm W: 9cm L: 9cm

Burning time

approx. 48 hours


May cause an allergic reaction. Contains Coumarin.


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