Growing up in a truly unique place like the Principality of Monaco, we wanted to create a brand that would reflect our lifestyle and personalities. BOUJEE aims at combining the charm and luxurious style of Monte-Carlo with the humble tradition of the Monegasque village.


Our mission is quite simple - we aim at making high quality and natural products that won’t hurt your health, while relying on locally sourced materials and craftsmanship. Through BOUJEE, we want to showcase the talent, expertise and passion of local producers – often hidden by the glitter and glamour of Monaco and the French Riviera.



The glass, the soya wax and the scents are all created specifically for you by our lovely producers based in Grasse and Biot. Our candles are carefully hand-poured into a glass that is hand-blown. And while we can all agree that the term “hand-blown” is pretty weird, it makes each of our candles truly unique. Most importantly, our scents are without CMRs, phthalates or any other suspicious things because we do care about you.