There are probably three main components in a candle: the glass, the perfume and the wax. Well four if you consider the wick… But to be honest, there is not much to say about wicks so we can probably put them aside.

Our Glass

The glass is definitely the most special part of our candle.
If you have already read the "Our Story" section, you are aware that each glass is hand-blown in Biot by Christophe Saba and his team. As you can imagine, hand-blowing stuff takes time - in fact, 6 minutes per glass precisely.
Yes, quality takes time…
We definitely recommend visiting their Verrerie du Val de Pome in Biot - watching them play around with melted glass is one of the best ways to spend a relaxing afternoon (you need to trust us on this one). We had already anticipated that some would get discouraged the minute they read these words so we made a video. It should hopefully give you a brief overview on how the end-to-end process works - and the best part is, you don't have to leave your sofa.

Our Scents

When we started engaging with various producers in our region to look for the right perfumes for BOUJEE, we came across a big dilemma.
Our first option was to go down the most common route and use a wide range of standard perfumes.  Although, the smell was really strong and the cost quite low, we soon realised that they were using CMRs and phthalates (yes, this one is a mouthful).
For those of you not familiar with these terms, they refer to substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to your body and respiratory health.
They are usually used to strengthen the scent and lasting effect of fragrances.
Our second option was to limit ourselves to a smaller, slightly more expensive, selection of perfumes made without CMRs and phthalates.
And guess what? We went for the latter.
We are not doctors but given these substances are harmful, we have decided to take up the challenge and use pure and natural scents.
To help us make this happen, Lucile and her team in Grasse have worked tirelessly to find the right scents and create tailor-made fragrances for BOUJEE.

Our Wax

Nowadays, most newly-created candle businesses will tend to use natural waxes, particularly soy wax. But BOUJEE is unique, as Philippe.
Philippe is the mastermind behind all our candles' production but more specifically he is an expert when it comes to hand-pouring perfectly smooth & flat candles. He learned these techniques while working for the most prestigious (and demanding) candle brands and now offer his savoir-faire for BOUJEE.
On a final note, we do not want to, and we will not, take credits for creating our candles. We do realise that we are really lucky to work with individuals as talented as Christophe, Lucile, Philippe and their teams.
If you think that our candles are great (and we hope you do) then it is probably thanks to them and the passion that they put every day in their work.
We hope that BOUJEE can be a true celebration of this talent and passion.


Thanks again for being so great partners.